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Social media marketing approaches you need to understand

The world is moving forward adapting to the latest in technology that the digital world has to offer. One of the main reasons to be marketing through social media is because a majority of users i.e. potential customers are spending time on these channels. Needless to say, your competitors would also be using digital media to spread information and brand recognition. This can be a tremendous mode for attracting customers. You will always be a step behind in this modern world if you don’t embrace digital technologies. You have to be careful about your investments and spend it wisely when designing your marketing strategies to get the most out of your money. Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that you can use to reach the target audience and boost sales over time. That’s why all types of businesses are using digital and social media to reach their audiences.

  1. Awareness: Awareness of products and brands with content that appeals to the general public. Create a mental image to the public regarding the existence of your company. We will mainly focus on brand awareness and product awareness. At some point they have to become aware of your company if you are to increase your customer base. For example:
  2. A Facebook user comes across a sponsored ad of your brand while scrolling their news feed.
  3. Engagement: Next step is to start developing a relationship with the general public. Engagement is where you start conversing with your prospects. This can be done through some form of content that provides entertainment, information or both. For example: A Facebook user becomes active in the company page through some games or quizzes held by your page.
  4. Subscriptions: It refers to the people who subscribe or sign up to receive newsletters or company information and updates that can be used for further future. It can be a difficult task to generate attention for the user. Subscription services ensures the number of followers and potential customers are maintained. Here, the user gives you their contact information and, in doing so, grants you permission to contact them again in the future. Subscriptions can be used as a medium to promote valuable offers and the subscribers are given access to company content, product or service. For example: Signing up for a new sample of a company product such as a beta application or a clothing dress.
  5. Consideration: Give the users a reason to consider your brand. Enlighten the public of the services and techniques that differs from your competitors. Marketing campaigns and promotions can be used to make users considerate of your brand.
  6. Reach: Make full use of all the social media platforms and utilize their features to expand the reach of your business. The public doesn’t necessarily use one particular social media platform so different social media platforms can be used to approach different user base. The social media is a tool to spread information and awareness of company profile and activities. Google ads, searches and third-party websites can also be used to advertise and expand the reach of the brand. The reach can also be increased by building a loyal and steadily active user base on social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Quora and carry out discussions that gains the user attention.
  7. SEO: Optimize the company to display results on search engines when the user searches for anything that is company product and brand related. The majority of internet uses different search engines to search for relevant topics and their content. A user may be hesitant in turning the page in the results of the search engine. The first most the result, the more likely the user is to click in the link. Therefore, the brand can be SEO’d to up its ranking in search engines. For example: Common keywords in the brand that have a high frequency and defines the brand the most.
  8. Lead Generation: Analyze the existing trends in the market and create leads based on it.
  9. Conversion: Persuade the public for transactions to create a potential customer through messages and newsletters and social media handling. The Convert stage is all about acquiring buyers or ramping up the commitment level of the leads you already have. This stage is generally not about profitability but the loyalty of the user base. For example: A customer makes use of the discounts offered by the company resulting in a cheaper price.
  10. Excite: Keep the public excited by creating GIF content and small-scale offer and prizes and other marketing campaigns. The excite process is making sure the transaction between the customers is a good one such that the excitement of the purchase develops into goodwill and trust. If a user is given special attention and value, the user is likely to return and refer the services. There is no space for compromise in the user excite process and must be revisited time and again as customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the smooth running of the business. The goal is to ensure the user is excited, occupied and satisfied through the contents and services of the company. You need to make sure the customers receive tangible value from the entire transaction experience. For example: User instructions or readme guides to the functions of an application program, company products, etc.

SMS Mobile Marketing: Mass SMS Marketing to expand reach amongst the general public. A large portion of the mass public don’t necessarily use internet. SMS marketing can be used as a way of reaching such mass and direct advertisements to users who can be viewed as potential customers. In today’s world almost everyone owns a phone; so, the probability of reaching the users through SMS messages is very high.

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